Multiexposure with Leica M3(M3と多重露光)

Lieca M3と楽しむ多重露光


 デジタルのボディ内多重露光も楽しいが、フィルムの多重露光も好きだなぁ〜。特にLeica M3はフィルムの位置決めが正確に出来るので、撮った像のフィルム上での重なり具合がいい感じに仕上がってくれる。


 Leica M3 にKodakのカラーフィルを詰めて撮影。同じカットに1ショット目は八坂でSummilux 35mm f1.4 (球面)を合わせて、2ショット目は高台寺近くの通りでNokoton 35mm f1.4 f1.2 II ASPH VMを合わせて撮影。1つのカットで別のレンズを合わせて撮れるのも多重露光ならではで、なかなか楽しい。

Multiexposure with Leica M3
Multi-Exposure with Leica M3 & Kodak Gold 200
At Yasaka street + Scene near Kodaiji temple
in Kyoto JP

Multiexposure with Leica M3


 Although the multi-exposure function of Canon EOS series and Nikon Z series are nice, I also like the multi-exposure with film camera. Especially Leica M3 is easier to keep the exactness of overlapping of multi-images in a cut due to structure of film spool and sprocket for perforation.

At Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto, JP

 Film: Kodak Gold 200

 The 1st shot was taken with Summilux 35mm f1.4 ( Non ASPH ).

 The 2nd one with Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 II ASPH VM.

Multiexposure with Leica M3
Multi-Exposure with Leica M3
Street of Miyagawa-cho +
Autumn leaves at Kenninji temple
in Kyoto, JP