The 1st Mt.Daimonji climbing

With Hasselblad503CX

 Got up at 04:50a.m. Went to Ginkakuji temple street with the early bird morning bus, bring Hasselblad 503CX and CarlZeiss C lenses.

Good training

 In this winter season I will go to mountain side of Hokuriku region and northern Kyoto area. Imagine tough situation. Mr.Daimonji is well-known due to the bonfires for sending back the spirits of the dead. Not so high mountain. Relatively near my home ( 20 mins with bus).

Kyoto city bus in early morning in '21 Dec 11
Kyoto city bus in quite early morning

 In this morning, I caught the 1st early morning Kyoto city bus to go to Ginkakuji temple street. Then started climbing. It was my 1st climbing Mt.Daimonji since I moved from Tokyo area into Kyoto city.

 A s training for tough trial in this winter season in Hokuriku area, I will continue the regular climbing of Mt.Daimonji.

Nice Kyoto city view

 From firebed of Mt.Daimoinji, we can enjoy quite nice view. Using CarlZeiss Sonnar C150mm, tried to caught the relatively close up view of Kyoto Tower with fresh light of sun rise.

 On the other hand, took also the over view of Kyoto city center with CarlZeiss C80mm as bird’s-eye view.

 Looking forward into the film development result and printing with baryta fiber base paper in this winter season.

Shot Kyoto city view with Hasselblad 503CX
Shot Kyoto city view
with Hasselblad 503CX + CarlZeiss Planar C80mm f2.8 T*