Pre-ordered Leica M11 Monochrom

After more than 10 years

Yes, I’m really very glad now. I have used Leica M3 since 2011. Still continue the usage. At the same time, several yeas ago, I decided that my 1st Digital Leica should be M Monochrom. With Leica M3 I have mainly used monochrom film. That’s the reason.

Why I never purchased Leica M10 Monochrom? The reason was that Leica M10 doesn’t have back illuminated CMOS sensor. It’s merely my prediction. Nothing wrong on Leica M10 series. I thought that Back-illuminted CMOS sensor without color filter must provide much wider dynamic range and elegant tone.

Wanted that Leica should install back-illuminated CMOS sensor for M11. Then it become real situation. Then finally I expected that M11 Monochrom also must keep the same sensor.

M11 Monochrom appear

In ’23 Apr 14th, noticed that Leica announced the new release of Leica M11 Monochrom. Waited more than 4 years. I started the communication with Leia Store Kyoto to confirm the feature of Leica M11 Monochrom. Kindly they sent me the technical data as pdf file ( The data is also available in web site of Leica Camera AG ). Then I confirmed that Leica M11 Monochrom has surely back illuminated CMOS sensor.

Leica M11 Monochrom
Leica M11 Monochrom

Pre-ordered Leica M11 Monochrom into Leica Store Kyoto

Yesterday, I called Leica Store Kyoto and asked the preorder of Leica M11 Monochrom. The Store informed that they start the sales of Leica M11 Monochrom as of ’23 Apr 22nd. So they put my name on the reservation list. I don’t know actually when my Leica M11 Monochrom will reach Kyoto from Germany. But anyway, it is enough if I can get it in this 2nd Q 2023.